Ghost Train Project

Ghost Train Project Introduction Video Short

What is the Ghost Train Project?

A Proposal for a Public Art Awakening about Trains and Transportation

The presence and absence of trains continues to impact our lives and public art installations are an opportunity to reveal and refresh narratives through varied points of view, both ethereal and interactive.

We are a collective of individuals bringing attention to the importance of utilizing the existing infrastructure of the railway system that has been long since forgotten. Let’s bring back the passenger rails and bring economic development to the communities along the way.

The history of the rails is rich and checkered. Their current status often goes unnoticed or is mysteriously unknown. Exploring trains through experiences, memory, and imagination, we plan to continue using varied arts and media – moving between the seen and unseen, the understood and the misunderstood, the temporal and the timeless. As a passenger revisiting this lost era, the public are encouraged to share, react, respond and contribute to the experience.

We are actively seeking collaborators of all sorts.

The Ghost Train Project is interested in working with the artistic and larger business communities. These diverse groups are influenced by and acknowledge the power of trains and their ability to spark economic growth and create new community dynamics.

Contact us if you are interested in trains and our ideas. Let’s see what we can create together, as artists, benefactors, and audiences, hopping on and off the creative track along the way. Our collaboration will be the major fuel behind The Ghost Train Project.

We will get the train rolling, your participation will keep it going.