Art with a Corporate Message

Reading Eagle – Business Weekly – What’s in your Office?

Tips for selecting corporate art

Choose art to convey the message about your company’s image, whether it be elegant, expressive, quirky, or contemplative.

Consider what your business does. If your business does financial planning, select art that expresses security and the reward to be gained by intelligent investing. If your business is focused on environmental issues, select art that shows the beauty of the planet and the zeitgeist of the moment.

Place art in the hallways to inspire employees to think beyond the confines of office walls.

Select art that will encourage and motivate employees.

Let me educate and expand your employees mindset: consider what your employees might prefer and get them involved in the process. If employees love a painting or artwork when they walk by it, it can energize and revitalize them each day.

Periodically rotate your office art to keep the environment fresh and inviting.


Mistakes in corporate art

Ignoring the need for art altogether. Offices without artwork have a larger turnover of employees and clients.

Having old, improperly framed, unframed or damaged pieces. Your artwork shows off how much you care about your business.

Improper lighting or placement.

Using cheaply produced prints rather than fine art reflects poorly on the company.

Don’t make it too fancy; make it personal.

Don’t form a committee to make a decision about art. A committee means less integrity because it turns the selection process into a game where you don’t have a cohesive look.

Having no game plan for the art. The collection has to somehow tie together. That’s where we come in.

We tie it all together.

Source: Jane Runyeon, All Together Art