All Together Art relies on its connections with the community and other creative minds to get the project done.

We are a group of artists that have worked together in areas as diverse as designing stained glass for the front facade of a restaurant to developing a cohesive architectural corporate identity for a town square.

We curate, create and finish your space to enhance your life with art.

Lynn Redding

Lighting Designer  /  Ghost Train Project Co-founder

Lynn received the International Association of Lighting Designers Award in 1995 for her “masterful integration of architecture with electrical and natural light sources” created for the TV Film Production Company warehouse building in New York City’s Lower Manhattan. She has worked on many significant projects, including Ellis Island, the Los Angeles Central Library, the Seattle Art Museum and Carnegie Hall. Lynn’s passion is solving the unique puzzle of each project, whether it is to provide drawings to convey and consolidate choices, or to come up with an appropriate lighting solution and see it through to completion. Fun Fact: She also designs quilts and plays the harp.
Kendra Gardner

Architect /   Feng Shui Consultant /

Kendra specializes in doctoring your spaces with high vibes that increase your feeling of ‘Balance and Harmony’. It all starts with your Heart connection and linking you up in a very calculated way energetically. Her journey into integrating ‘Home and Harmony’ and building Sacred Spaces began when a dynamic shaman introduced her to Feng Shui after learning that she was studying architecture. After graduating from university, she worked with an architecture and interior design firm that utilized Feng Shui and invested in training their architects and designers in the art. Kendra’s time at this unique firm really nurtured her passion for Feng Shui. She has published a book all about her work in 24 Hour Magic: How Changing the Energy in Your Space Can Change Your Life.
Bethany Daigle

Head of Sales and Marketing , All Together Art, Inc. / Artist

Bethany has been creating and curating since childhood. After studying at the Knowlton School of Architecture at the Ohio State University, she utilized her creative talents running Special Events and working in the Fine Dining Restaurant Industry. During this time she honed administrative, graphic and organizational skills and developed an exceptional eye for spatial composition. Now focused on bring it All Together . Her vital energy is here to help you on all artistic endeavors. She specializes in Photorealism Pencil Portraits.
Jim Ingraham

Draftsman / Designer / Carpenter /

Jim Ingraham is truly all2art’s   “Jim-of-all-trades”.  Jim is a celebrated watercolorist, photo-realist oil painter, an expert carpenter, and an accomplished musician. He has a popular Learn How to Paint Series on you tube. For more than thirty years he has been exhibiting his beautiful landscape and seascape paintings in the northeast USA . His artwork is part of many corporate and private collections.

Our team is ever evolving depending on the projects at hand-

We are always looking for talented individuals.

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