All Together Art

The power of first impressions is exactly that: Powerful.

        All Together Art Inc, is a collective of creative minds specializing in collaborating with you to visually articulate who you are as company as well as building private art collections for homes, making each environment unique. We provide a single point of contact for all of your artwork requirements, offering the highest quality and range of all levels of art and artists, original concepts and design, community programs and involvement, project management, framing and installation. We have thirty plus years experience in the corporate, residential and museum settings creating individualized visual continuity.

We find the expertise you need.

      Whether it be a free hanging sculptural mobile installation for your company’s entranceway or hand selected artworks to enhance your world, we help you bring it all together. Our network includes artists, galleries, architects, feng shui experts, lighting designers, framers, and tradesmen chosen specifically for the needs of your project.